Fathers Day Cooking with Kids

Many parents are not sure about involving their children when it comes to cooking. There is a fear, rightfully so, about their safety around utensils that may be dangerous to them. However, the fear and anxiety can inhibit progress and growth which is the opportunity for children to grow and learn a lifeskill.

We have experienced that children love getting the responsibility of preparing meals. They get a sense of worthiness and the fact that their creation can be enjoyed by their parents, the people who mean the world to them. We created this video with to demonstrate that the children can enjoy kitchen chores. Involve them and share in the fun of creating some delicious meals. These are our future chefs, #GenYChefs

We are soon anticipating the opening of our studio to resume kids cooking and baking classes. The safety of the children, our staff and everyone else is of paramount importance. Watch the space as and when we publicise our measures, safety precautions and how we will conduct the cooking and baking classes.

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