When ordering a cake, scones or desserts, the most important information is how many servings you will like from the products. Our staff will guide you as well as recommend the size of cakes, scones quantity and or dessert portions that will meet your servings requirements.

We recommend that orders should be placed at least 72 hours before the delivery or pick up date so that we can plan our production effectively. We often experience high volumes of orders during the holiday season as well as month ends, so please ensure that you place your order in good time.


DEPOSIT: There is a 50% deposit required to reserve your order. In the event of cancellation, within 72 hours of the cake collection or delivery,  the deposit will not be REFUNDABLE as we would have incurred some costs to produce the order.

CAKE IMAGE MATCHING: All our cakes are handmade by our trained staff and cake decorators and are subject to artistic interpretation. You may provide us with photographic inspiration for your order however, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to match the images provided as we do not have access to the techniques used in the decoration process of the products in the image. 

The Bread Box Bakery reserve the right to make minor changes to the designs at any point in the process in order to benefit the aesthetic, as seen fit by our cake decorators. Due to the nature of the medium, exact color matches cannot and will not be guaranteed.

COLLECTION OF CAKES: Upon collection of your cake/s, any outstanding money will have to be paid. The Bread Box Bakery will not be liable should the customer believe there are any problems with the cake once it has left the premises. This includes design, color or the bake of the cake/s.


The correct transportation guidelines will be given to you upon collection and should these not be followed and result in damage to the cake/s or cupcakes in any way whatsoever, The Bread Box Bakery will not be held liable for such damages.

STORAGE: All cakes/cupcakes should be stored at room temperature, out of direct sunlight on a flat surface and in the fridge when advised, unless specifically advised not to. No preservatives or additives are used in The Bread Box Bakery products therefore they should be treated as fresh food and consumed within 72 hours of the delivery/collection date.