Chef Nicole and Chef Junior whip up A Delicious Father’s Day Potjie

Many parents are hesitant about getting their children in the kitchen and more involved with cooking. This is due to several factors such as safety and a fear of potentially situations when dealing with sharp utensils and stoves/ovens. However, fear and anxiety can inhibit their progress and growth, as well as minimise their opportunities to learn new and cool life skills.


That’s why we got two of our star young chefs – Nicole and Junior – to team up and showcase the skills they’ve learnt for a fun video on how make a delicious meal – just in time for Father’s Day. We created this video to demonstrate that children can have safe and responsible fun in the kitchen whilst exploring their creativity and learning skills such as teamwork.

We are anticipating the reopening of our studio for kids cooking and baking classes soon. The safety of children, our staff and everyone else who uses our facilities is of paramount importance. Watch the space for our updated info on our kiddies cooking and baking classes, as well as all our safety measures and precautions. #GenYChefs